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  • 0902th

    Order get gift

    Order≥200USD, Gifts≥USD2 Order≥400USD, Gifts≥USD4 Order≥600USD, Gifts≥USD6 Order≥800USD, Gifts≥USD8 You can choose them from the Clearance&gifts. Or we will give you party styles of panties and leggings for gifts. ...
  • 0902th

    Discount Policy

    Order ≥ USD$1000,  5% discount Order ≥ USD$2500, 10% discount Order ≥ USD$5000, 15% discount We accept multiple payment Credit Card,     Paypal Bank deposit,  Western Union MoneyGram,    Moneybookers ...
  • 0704th

    Why not ask customer to pay directly

    why not ask customer to pay directly when they submit the order?Makes a little suspicious for some customers. There are some reasons: First,  it is difficult for us to declare an exact shipping fee before you submit items you order,because the shipping cost depends on the weight,de...
  • 0629th

    How to place the order on our website?

    About the order process Secure and simply ,you can place the order from our website on line: 1>.At first, Please add all the products you want into the shopping cart and then follow the instructions to complete the order form and submit, getting your order number. ( Please record this order...
  • 0704th

    why do you buy from us?

    Amy Sexy Lingerie is a leading supplier of lingeries and costumes in China,To supply our customers with competitive price and high quality lingeries is our mission. We sell our products to our wholesalers&individuals and accept OEM & ODM orders as well.We offer among the most...
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