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Why not ask customer to pay directly

why not ask customer to pay directly when they submit the order?Makes a little suspicious for some customers.

There are some reasons:

First,  it is difficult for us to declare an exact shipping fee before you submit items you order,because the shipping cost depends on the weight,delivery way,package,and destination country,and the shipping discount policy changes often.

Second, Save delivery costs to customers: as you know, International delivery costs are the important part of the procurement costs. When calculated, it is the dimension not actual weight that adds the extra costs. We have professional customer service staffs that will check the product you order and choose the most suitable packaging to reduce volume and save cost for customers.

Third, To ensure the interests of customers: many customers are the new retailers, and sometimes they don’t have enough experience to choose the appropriate delivery company. Fox example, to send parcels to Russia, EMS or CPAP is better than others, but to Europe, DHL is the most appropriate. The package weighs less than 21KG costs differently from the one that weighs more than 21KG and different International Express charge differently too. Some International Express companies usually hold preferential activities. They offer great shipping cost discounts for parcels more than 100KG. We will apply these discounts and offer suggestion for you after you submit the order.

We are looking forward to establishing the long-term business relations with you. And as dealers, most of the customers will come back to order again and again, Continued sales of our products. And this has inspired us to provide more professional service without worrying whether they will pay or not.



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